The purpose of recording studios has changed a lot in the 21st Century. As such, I have adjusted my pricing scheme to more accurately reflect the needs of the modern musician. Rather than price by type of job or hours booked, I now charge a single price for complete projects. If your needs are not reflected in the options below, please contact with specific details on the form underneath or directly by email on and I will get back to you with a personalised quote.

EP FOR UNSIGNED BAND - £500 inc. vat

The most common work I do - record 3-4 songs for a 20 minute EP to start getting your work out into the world. Included in the price is 2 10 hour days, usually over a weekend.
A complete mix and master is provided after a week or so with opportunity for mix changes after this.
The final product will be provided on CD ready for duplication and 24bit/48kHz WAV files for digital distribution services.


A common situation for today's self-producing artist. Whether it's acoustic drums, vocals or didgeridoo, some things just can't be recorded at home, either due to outside noise ruining a great take or just to keep your neighbours friendly! A 10 hour day, including engineer, will allow you to get down raw WAV files at your chosen resolution (24 bit/48kHz as standard, up to 32 bit/192kHz) for importing into your own projects. I also record at a rate of £20 an hour for smaller projects.


Since opening in 2013, I've hosted kids birthday parties, hen parties, tribute acts, karaoke kings as well as West End and X Factor hopefuls. Most (if not all) of them took this type of package. For up to a 3 hour booking, I will record, mix and deliver a CD of you, your friends or your loved ones singing to backing tracks provided either by yourself or through a 3rd party supplier who create excellent backing tracks of most popular music at a cost of £7 per track. Great as a gift for any age.

If the above options do not reflect your needs, or to discuss individual components of each package (ie. mixing and mastering pre-recorded works), please contact me through the form below or directly by email on

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