Unit 5, Hove Enterprise Centre, Portslade, Brighton, BN41 1UY | 0771 495 9973

Established in 2013, Hidden Cam Studios consists of a single live room - one of Brighton's largest at 30m² - with an adjoining control room, allowing for total privacy and productivity, whether booked for a rehearsal or for recording.

The studio is owned and operated by Cameron Devlin, who has worked with some of Brighton's most celebrated groups including Vile Imbeciles, Clowwns, Bad For Lazarus, Lakuta (formerly Kalakuta Millionaires) and King Lagoon's Flying Swordfish Dance Band. His recordings and mixes have appeared on national and international radio including BBC 6 Music, and has been well reviewed in publications including Uncut, Mojo, Artrocker and The Quietus.

Whether you're recording your first or your fifth album, rehearsing for a UK tour or a set at a local pub, whether you're a seasoned studio pro or a complete novice, Hidden Cam Studios is a place where you can be your very best.

Unit 5, Hove Enterprise Centre
Basin Road North,
Portslade, Brighton
BN41 1UY
Tel: 0771 495 9973 / 01273 420 329

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Clowwns - Trousers
from the album "The Artful Execution of Macho Bimbo", Bleeding Heart Records - June 2015, BHRC014LP
Album Mixed & Mastered at Hidden Cam Studios
Video partially filmed at Hidden Cam Studios

Louder Than War - "The last great post-punk band."
Brighton's Finest - "Undoubtadly a brilliant album and you should buy it."
The Quietus - "If The Artful Execution Of Macho Bimbo continually returns to themes of gender politics and performance, then it is also troubled by broader notions of moral relativity, and the steamrollering of nuances of meaning in our age of information overload. That Clowwns wrap these concerns in some of the best and brightest pop-rock guitar music of recent years sweetens their uncomfortable analysis immensely."

Kicking Graves - Skybird
Recorded, mixed and mastered ~ November 2016-January 2017

Clever Thing - I Love You All The Time (Eagles of Death Metal Tribute for Orangeampsblog.com)
Recorded, mixed and mastered ~ January 2016

Rich Fownes and Daisy Coburn of Clever Thing had very specific ideas for how this tribute to the Eagles of Death Metal - commissioned by Orange Amplification - should sound. The most important note - "make the drums huge". I believe we achieved that.

Vile Imbeciles - Helpless
Taken from the album "D is for W" on Tee Vee Eye Records - October 2011
Mixed and Mastered ~ September-December 2010

"Vile Imbeciles [have] developed a hyper-intense and malevolent, brilliantly well-crafted, math-funk/death-jazz hybrid that suggests a cerebral aneurysm reaching critical point" **** ~ Sharon O'Connell, Uncut Magazine

""..it's in the production... they've added definition, turned up the tremble, enhanced the texture and brought the recondite pop elements buried deep beneath the melee.." ~ Jeremy Allen, The Quietus

"The album is an intricate and meticulous construction of parts that results in a finely tuned if unpredictable machine...While it may appear seemingly unhinged as a record, this is an album that knows exactly what it's doing.. 8/10" ~ Stagger Lee, Kicking Against The Pricks


private rehearsal studio, WITH A LOYALTY CARD.


Brighton has a lot of rehearsal spaces, but Hidden Cam boasts one of the city's largest spaces, at 30m², and you'll always be the only clients in the building, which means no noise from other bands. Free parking right outside makes load-in and load-out easy. The room uses monitor speakers on the floor rather than PA speakers on stands, which reduces the chances of unpleasant feedback.

We're also the only studio in town to offer a loyalty card to our rehearsal clients. You get a stamp for every 3 hour session. Your 5th rehearsal is half price, your 10th is free.

£12 per hour Weekdays 6-midnight, £10 an hour all other times.

To see a list of gear available to rehearsal bookings, click here. Check out some videos of the bands that regularly rehearse here below.



The purpose of recording studios has changed a lot in the 21st Century. As such, I have adjusted my pricing scheme to more accurately reflect the needs of the modern musician. Rather than price by type of job or hours booked, I now charge a single price for complete projects. If your needs are not reflected in the options below, please contact with specific details on the form underneath or directly by email on record@hiddencamstudios.co.uk and I will get back to you with a personalised quote.

EP FOR UNSIGNED BAND - £500 inc. vat

The most common work I do - record 3-4 songs for a 20 minute EP to start getting your work out into the world. Included in the price is 2 10 hour days, usually over a weekend.
A complete mix and master is provided after a week or so with opportunity for mix changes after this.
The final product will be provided on CD ready for duplication and 24bit/48kHz WAV files for digital distribution services.


A common situation for today's self-producing artist. Whether it's acoustic drums, vocals or didgeridoo, some things just can't be recorded at home, either due to outside noise ruining a great take or just to keep your neighbours friendly! A 10 hour day, including engineer, will allow you to get down raw WAV files at your chosen resolution (24 bit/48kHz as standard, up to 32 bit/192kHz) for importing into your own projects. I also record at a rate of £20 an hour for smaller projects.


Since opening in 2013, I've hosted kids birthday parties, hen parties, tribute acts, karaoke kings as well as West End and X Factor hopefuls. Most (if not all) of them took this type of package. For up to a 3 hour booking, I will record, mix and deliver a CD of you, your friends or your loved ones singing to backing tracks provided either by yourself or through a 3rd party supplier who create excellent backing tracks of most popular music at a cost of £7 per track. Great as a gift for any age.

If the above options do not reflect your needs, or to discuss individual components of each package (ie. mixing and mastering pre-recorded works), please contact me through the form below or directly by email on record@hiddencamstudios.co.uk.

Name *
Band members? Instrumentation? etc.