2x AKG C414
2x Earthworks TC-30 (matched pair)
Sennheiser MD-421
Shure SM7B
Golden Age Projects R1 Ribbon
AKG D112
Rode NT1
2X Shure SM58
4x Shure SM57
Yamaha MZ105Be (SM57 clone)

Marshall JCM 800 Lead Series Head
Marshall 4x12 Cabinet
Marshall Lead 100 Mosfet Head
2x Marshall 4x10 Cabinets
Roland Jazz Chorus 120 Guitar/Keyboard Amp
Roland Jazz Chorus 77 Guitar Amp
Gallien-Kreuger 1001RB Head
Gallien-Kreuger 410 RBH Cabinet (4 Ohm)
Marshall "Mini Stack" MS-2
Yamaha Stage Custom Advantage Nouveau Drum Kit (breakables not included)
Roland Fantom X8 Piano/Keyboard
MicroKORG Synth

Focal Twin 6Be Nearfield Monitors
Adam A7 Nearfield Monitors
Avantone MixCube Mono Monitor
SPL 2Control Monitor Controller

Universal Audio 4-710D
Safe Sound Audio P1
2x Golden Age Projects PRE-73
RME Fireface 800

Marshall JCM 800 Lead Series Half-Stack
Marshall Lead 100 Mosfet Full Stack
Roland JC-77 & JC-120 Jazz Chorus Amplifiers (JC-120 suitable for keyboards as well as guitars)
Gallien & Kreuger 1001RB Bass Amplifier Head
Gallien & Kreuger 410 RB Bass Cabinet
Yamaha Stage Custom Advantage Nouveau Drum Kit (bring your own snare & cymbals)

Fender PX-2212D 12-Channel PA Desk
3x Wharfdale EVP-X15M Wedge Monitors
2x Shure SM58 microphones
(extra vocal microphones will be SM57s, up to 4 additional)
5x vocal mic stands, shorter mic stands also available
+ as many XLR cables as required. Some jack leads available too but bring your own to ensure you have enough.