Clowwns - Trousers
from the album "The Artful Execution of Macho Bimbo", Bleeding Heart Records - June 2015, BHRC014LP
Album Mixed & Mastered at Hidden Cam Studios
Video partially filmed at Hidden Cam Studios

Louder Than War - "The last great post-punk band."
Brighton's Finest - "Undoubtadly a brilliant album and you should buy it."
The Quietus - "If The Artful Execution Of Macho Bimbo continually returns to themes of gender politics and performance, then it is also troubled by broader notions of moral relativity, and the steamrollering of nuances of meaning in our age of information overload. That Clowwns wrap these concerns in some of the best and brightest pop-rock guitar music of recent years sweetens their uncomfortable analysis immensely."

Kicking Graves - Skybird
Recorded, mixed and mastered ~ November 2016-January 2017

Clever Thing - I Love You All The Time (Eagles of Death Metal Tribute for
Recorded, mixed and mastered ~ January 2016

Rich Fownes and Daisy Coburn of Clever Thing had very specific ideas for how this tribute to the Eagles of Death Metal - commissioned by Orange Amplification - should sound. The most important note - "make the drums huge". I believe we achieved that.

Vile Imbeciles - Helpless
Taken from the album "D is for W" on Tee Vee Eye Records - October 2011
Mixed and Mastered ~ September-December 2010

"Vile Imbeciles [have] developed a hyper-intense and malevolent, brilliantly well-crafted, math-funk/death-jazz hybrid that suggests a cerebral aneurysm reaching critical point" **** ~ Sharon O'Connell, Uncut Magazine

""'s in the production... they've added definition, turned up the tremble, enhanced the texture and brought the recondite pop elements buried deep beneath the melee.." ~ Jeremy Allen, The Quietus

"The album is an intricate and meticulous construction of parts that results in a finely tuned if unpredictable machine...While it may appear seemingly unhinged as a record, this is an album that knows exactly what it's doing.. 8/10" ~ Stagger Lee, Kicking Against The Pricks