New Site and Goings On

Happy New Year!

2018 marks the studio's 5th year of operation. In that time I've had many talented musicians come through the doors, either for recording or rehearsals, and I continue to be glad to operate a space that helps musicians be the best that they can be.

The end of 2017 saw the highlight of my engineering career - a single by Cardiacs-family Spratleys Japs, who have also made the studio their rehearsal space of choice since reforming 2 years ago. Check that out over at their Bandcamp.

2018 will see the release of a number of projects that were completed at the end of last year; the debut EP from Kicking Graves, which was recorded, mixed and mastered here in the Autumn, the long-awaited debut album from King Lagoon's Flying Swordfish Dance Band and the debut album from quirky synth-pop duo Fruity Water "Thirst Takes", mastered here, which has already been receiving some airplay on BBC 6 courtesy of Steve Lamacq.

I'm looking forward to an even more productive 2018 so please get in touch if you require my services!

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