Bad For Lazarus Live Single, Clowwns First Single, Teen Star 2015

A busy month here at Hidden Cam..

This month sees the release of two singles I've mixed and mastered recently. Brighton legends Bad For Lazarus have released the B-side to their upcoming live single, the new song "Appetites". The A-side, "7 Minute Itch", features The Duke Spirit's sublime Liela Moss and should be out in November.

Clowwns finally begin the promotional push for their debut album this month with first single "Shame On You". The album, mixed and mastered here last year, is out in January 2015.

October also saw the Regional Finals of Open Mic UK 2014, which I judged. A lot of very impressive singers and songwriters heading to the Area Finals, one step away from the Grand Final held at Birmingham's NEC.

With Open Mic over, it's time to consider registering for Teen Star 2015 - auditions begin in January 2015. Previous winners have included The X Factor's Luke Friend and Emily Middlemas, which tells you what kind of people are watching that event for new pop artists. If you're under 19, there's no better competition to enter if you want to take your career in that direction.

Last year's winner of her category, Victoria Bass, came into the studio shortly before her Grand Final victory and recorded 7 tracks in 5 hours - an astonishing achievement for a young vocalist - including this version of Coming Back As A Man, which she performed during the competition. Go give her some Facebook love!

Finally, the brilliant King Lagoon's Flying Swordfish Dance Band have been in and out of the studio since April recording their debut, 5 years in the making. Following a successful Kickstarter campaign to fund the printing and promotion, the album looks set for a March 2015 release. This will be the first album I've helmed from recording through mixing and mastering since 2009's Ouroboros by TNVVNüM, so I'm looking forward to having my best and most recent work available to the public very soon.

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